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We are an Asphalt Maintenance Company serving the Piedmont Triad and surrounding area with a proven A-1 job performance record since 1960. We are locally owned and operated with our base of operation located in Winston-Salem. We believe in deleivering quality service at a fair price. Call us today for your written estimate or use our convienent Quote Form! ( Click Here for a Quote )

Carolina Asphalt Sealcoat specializes in the maintenance and repair of parking lots/pavement systems. Our services include seal-coating, cracksealing, parking lot and line striping, removal/replacement, parking stops, Handi-cap ramps, speed bumps for property managers, commercial, retail, industrial and residential property.


We offer these Affordable Services ! 


  1.  Heavy-Duty Asphaly Sealcoating   which helps to maintain, protect and beautify your asphalt driveway or parking lot.
  2. 2 Types of Linear Crack-Filling  to seal those large cracks in your asphalt, so that water can't penetrate the base under your pavement.
  3. Spider Web Crack-Filling  for those large spider web cracks in your pavement.
  4. Pot-Hole Patching  for parking lots, driveways, etc.
  5. Pavement Traffic Marking  for parking lots, etc.

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